The Wang group aims to develop novel organic and nanocarbon materials with unique optical, electronic, and magnetic properties, and to explore their applications in (opto)electronic and spintronic devices.

1. Conjugated Organic/Polymeric Materials

  We are developing novel organic/polymeric semiconductors for organic (opto)electronic devices (e.g. OFETs, OLEDs, and photodetectors). Of particular interest are BN-heteroaromatics for OLEDs and helicene-based chiral materials for circularly polarized OLEDs and photodetectors.

2. Atomically Precise Nanocarbon Materials

   We use the bottom-up approach to synthesize structurally well-defined graphene nanostructures and novel nanocarbons with intriguing topologies, and explore their electronic, optoelectronic, spintronic, and energy-related applications.